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Buy one by one from a Cyprus £1 2004 UNC CONSECUTIVE Serial Number 100 note pack

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On sale are a large number of Consecutive
£1 Cyprus Pounds - Pick #60-d - Dated 1.4.2004.

Please note, each note is sold individually as per the title.
 You can buy as many consecutive notes as you like.

Serial numbers available as below:
SERIAL NUMBERS: BG 571301-BG 571400
Grading Information

All banknotes are in uncirculated condition. Definition -

A perfectly preserved note, never mishandled by the issuing authority,

a banker, the public or a collector. The paper is crisp, clean and firm

without discoloration. Corners are sharp, square, and without evidence of rounding.

Design and other Characteristics

Denomination: £1 (One Cyprus Pound)
Dimensions: 140 X 68 mm
Predominant Colour : Brown
Watermark: Bust of Goddess Aphrodite 

  1. Τhe Εmblem of the Republic of Cyprus.
  2. Cypriot girl dressed in traditional costume.
  1. The village of Kato Drys. Composition consisting of handicraft items, pottery and laces.

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