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100 Nespresso Capsules Mixed Flavors

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10 Nespresso Roma, 10 Nespresso Decaffeinato Intenso;10 Nespresso Volluto, 10 Nespresso Capriccio;10 Nespresso Livanto, 10 Nespresso Ristretto;10 Nespresso Arpeggio, 10 Nespresso Cosi;10 Nespresso Fortissio, 10 Nespresso Vivalto

Nespresso OriginalLine Capsules Variety

Total of 100 Capsules. 10 sleeves which each have 10 capsules of the below. Ristretto - The most heavily bodies of the blends, with the highest possible intensity rating of 10. Made from a combination of African and South American beans, this blend is ideal for cappuccino, and also works well as espresso. Arpeggio - Arpeggio is the best crus if you like a latte. A full bodied blend, it has an intensity rating of 9. The flavor has undertones of cocoa.

This intense mix of Arabica beans is sourced from South and Central America. Roma - The best choice for pure espresso. With an intensity rating of 8, this blend has a full flavor. It is, along with Apreggio, one of the highest selling crus. It has woody and roasted aromatic notes. It is best as an espresso. Livanto - Livanto is another blend with deep wooden notes, however with an intensity rating of 6, it is lighter on flavor. It is a well balanced blend and has a slight caramel flavor to it. It’s great for espresso, cappuccino, or latte. Capriccio - An intensity of 5, this light bodied blend has notes of cereal and malt.

This blend is grown in South America at high altitudes and has a combination of arabica and robusta beans. It’s best suited to espresso. Volluto - Volluto is a lighter blend, with an intensity rating of 4 it has cereal and fruity notes to it. It’s sweet and lightly roasted. Cosi - The lightest of the espressos, its intensity is just 3 and has lemony undertones. If you like a weaker latte or espresso then this is the choice for you. Fortissio Lungo -Intensity rating of 7, those who like a full bodied lungo will appreciate this blend. It has dark notes of deeply roasted beans.

It’s best enjoyed as a long pulled coffee. Vivalto Lungo - A light and balanced blend, Vivalto has fruity notes and just the right amount of bitterness. An intensity rating of 4. Decaffeinato Intenso - Roasted at high temperatures, the intenso has a stronger flavor and an intensity rating of 7.


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