CYPRUS 2004-05 2 BANKNOTES POUNDS UNC* £1 , £10 SAME NO. 942204 *-moneyworld-store
CYPRUS 2004-05 2 BANKNOTES POUNDS UNC* £1 , £10 SAME NO. 942204 *-moneyworld-store

CYPRUS 2004-05 2 BANKNOTES POUNDS UNC* £1 , £10 SAME NO. 942204 *

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On sale is Cyprus  2 BANKNOTES Pounds  Uncirculated 

£1 ,£10 same number 942204 

as serial numbers below :

These were the last issue before Euro.

Serial Numbers

£1    BG      94  2204

£10  BV      94  2204


£1    01-04-2004   PICK #  60D
£10  01-04-2005   PICK #  62Ε

Grading Information

All banknotes are in uncirculated condition. Definition - A perfectly preserved note, never mishandled by the issuing authority, a banker, the public or a collector. The paper is crisp, clean and firm without discoloration. Corners are sharp, square, and without evidence of rounding.

Design and other Characteristics

Denomination: £1 (One Cyprus Pound)
Dimensions: 140 X 68 mm
Predominant Colour : Brown
Watermark: Bust of Goddess Aphrodite 

  1. Τhe Εmblem of the Republic of Cyprus.
  2. Cypriot girl dressed in traditional costume.
  1. The village of Kato Drys. Composition consisting of handicraft items, pottery and laces.

Denomination: £10 (Ten Cyprus Pounds)

Size: 156 X 76 mm. 

Predominant colour: Green.

Obv. The coat of arms of the Republic, top centre.  Left, marble head of Artemis (in antiquity the goddess of hunting) dating from the Roman period (found in Paphos).  A hologram map of Cyprus, bottom centre.  £10 in top and bottom right corners.  The date of issue in bottom right section.  The signature of the Governor of the Central Bank in the centre.  The prefix and serial number, right in vertical writing and bottom left.  Three intaglio horizontal lines on the left side of the banknote in order to assist blind or partially sighted people.

Rev. Composition depicting birds, a green turtle, a butterfly, a moufflon and two endemic plants (tulip and cyclamen).  £10 in bottom left and top corners.

Watermark: Bust of Aphrodite.
Security thread incorporated and other security features like intaglio printing, holograms, latent images, microlettering intaglio, etc.