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Espresso Leggero 1 box 50 pods

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Espresso Leggero

A delicious blend of South American Arabicas and Robusta, Espresso Leggero adds smooth cocoa and cereal notes to a well-balanced body.


SIZE OF CUP 1.35oz / 40 ml

AROMATIC PROFILE Light and refreshing


The combination of South American Milds and Robusta gives this espresso a great character. The presence of Brazilian Arabica adds a gentle touch to the blend.


Light roasting creates a rich taste and preserves its slight acidity.

Aromatic profile

A hint of bitterness balanced with a slight acidity and gentle toasted, cocoa and cereal notes.

Ingredients & allergens

Roast and ground coffee

Net weight (for 50 capsules)

300 g - 10.6 oz


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