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Nestle Nan 4 From second year (1 Tin x 400g)

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Children aged 2.years have increased and specific needs. At the age of 2 and above, children learn to run, jump, climb stairs, ride a bicycle ... every day they explore the world around them! Per kilogram of body, they need more than twice as much energy as an adult needs, but they need to get it from valuable nutrients.

Protein in the right quantity and quality: Protein is one of the basic macronutrients for your child's development. NAN OPTlPRO 4 contains a unique protein mix that offers the necessary amount and quality of protein for its age.

Valuable fat for his age: NAN OPTlPRO 4 contains Lipid Smart a mixture of precious monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat, suited to the needs of children of this age